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JAGUAR Denso DVD Navigation Europe West 2011-2012: How It Works, What It Offers, and Where to Get It

one of the key reasons for the success of these systems is the wide availability of mapping data. european countries have typically created their own mapping systems for use with their vehicles. the majority of european countries have developed their own mapping data for use with their cars, based on the road network, with a large number of data sources. these mapping systems also use multiple data suppliers, ensuring a good quality of mapping data, and are updated regularly. this mapping data is used to build maps for car navigation systems and provide updates for road network changes. the systems are then sold at a reasonable cost.

JAGUAR Denso DVD Navigation Europe West 2011-2012

in the u.s., many manufacturers have discontinued offering factory-installed car navigation systems. in contrast, in europe, oems are still providing factory-installed navigation equipment that is enabled with data updates by satellite. it is expected that this will be the case with aftermarket navigation systems.

in the u.s. market, high end manufacturers include tomtom and garmin. these manufacturers have been major suppliers of car navigation systems for many years. garmin was founded in 1989 by canadian ron bikes and canadian tom tom founder, jean-marc gillett. in 2008, garmin was purchased by google. as a result, garmin has been focusing on developing navigation software and not hardware.

tomtom offers a range of navigation devices for use in cars. the most basic devices contain a limited set of features, whereas high end devices typically offer advanced navigation software, which enables the customer to navigate via a smartphone using the car navigation system, and receive turn-by-turn directions based on the route taken. tomtom offers navigation software for multiple platforms, such as ios, android, windows phone, blackberry, and mac os x.


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