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Although kathoey is often translated as 'transgender woman' in English, this term is not correct in Thailand. As well as transgender people, the term can refer to gay men, and was originally used to refer to intersex people.[4] Before the 1960s, the use of kathoey included anyone who deviated from the dominant sexual norms.[5] Because of this confusion in translation, the English translation of kathoey is usually 'ladyboy' (or variants of the term).

Trans prejudice has produced discriminatory behaviors that have led to the exclusion of transgender people from economic and social activity.[37] World-wide, transgender people face discrimination amongst family members, religious settings, education, and the work-place.[8] Accepted mainly in fashion-related jobs or show business, people who are transgender are discriminated against in the job market and have limited job opportunities.[35] Kathoeys have also experienced ridicule from coworkers and tend to have lower salaries.[10] Long-term unemployment reduces the chances of contributing to welfare for the family and lowers self-esteem, causing a higher likelihood of prostitution in specialized ladyboy bars.[8] "Ladyboy" bars also can provide a sense of community and reinforces a female sense of identity for kathoeys.[8] Harassment from the police is evident especially for kathoeys who work on the streets.[8] Kathoeys may be rejected in official contexts being rejected entry or services.[10]

In series 1, episode 3 of British sitcom I'm Alan Partridge, the protagonist Alan Partridge frequently mentions ladyboys, seemingly expressing a sexual interest in them.[citation needed]

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What happens shortly after sitting with a drink at many girlie bars in Pattaya, especially gogo bars, is girls come along and introduce themselves, or the Mamasan asks customers if they would like a lady to keep them company.

Pushy Girls: At some bars in Pattaya, girls can be pushy when it comes to lady drinks, often asking for drinks before properly introducing themselves and then drinking like a proverbial fish.

A minimum amount of lady drinks: At some gogo bars in Pattaya, there is a requirement to buy a minimum number of lady drinks for a girl before she can be barfined and leave with a customer.

Before customers can take a Thai bar girl or hostess from a bar, they must pay a bar fine. The bar fine is compensation paid to the bar for the temporary absence of staff and the revenue lost due to the girl not being in the bar selling lady drinks.

With assistance from international organizations and NGOs, the Lao government continued modest prevention efforts. Implementation of the government's national action plan began during the year; however, international organizations implemented the vast majority of the activities. The 2013 work plan was deferred, and became part of the 2014 work plan. In December 2013, the government and partner organizations conducted a 10-day public awareness campaign in three provinces that included public talks, a media campaign, and a walk with more than 700 participants. Government-controlled print media published a variety of articles on human trafficking in 2013, covering topics such as safe migration and anti-trafficking training events. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs distributed materials about safe migration and the risks of human trafficking to Lao citizens applying for passports. The government continued to lead or co-lead training for officials funded by civil society organizations; such trainings reached at least 445 officials covering topics such as victim protection and safe migration. During the year, the government deported a group of nine young asylum seekers to North Korea and publicly characterized this action as anti-trafficking. By failing to make efforts to protect this vulnerable group of children and young adults, it directly increased their vulnerability to trafficking by the North Korean government, which is known to imprison returning defectors and subject them to various forms of abuse, including forced labor. Furthermore, these actions demonstrated the government's willingness to exploit the issue of human trafficking for political reasons and called into question government officials' understanding of human trafficking. The Department of Tourism continued to distribute materials produced by an international organization on the protection of children during travel and the illegality of sex tourism. The government reportedly fined an unknown number of owners and operators of venues and shut down some venues where commercial sex acts occurred. At times, it conducted raids on these establishments; inadequate efforts to identify sex trafficking victims may have made some victims vulnerable to arrest. The government took no discernible measures to reduce the demand for forced labor or commercial sex acts. The government continued to block the release of a study by an international organization on the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

METHODS: A cross-sectional study, using both survey research and in-depth interviews, was conducted among 1,664 married young women in Gujarat and West Bengal, India. Descriptive data and multinomial logistic regression were used to identify the prevalence and risk factors for occasional and frequent unwanted sex. Qualitative data were analyzed to examine the context in which unwanted sex takes place.

RESULTS: Twelve percent of married young women experienced unwanted sex frequently; 32% experienced it occasionally. The risk of experiencing unwanted sex was lower among women who knew their husband fairly well at the time of marriage, regularly received support from their husband in conflicts with other family members or lived in economically better-off households. Frequent unwanted sex was associated with not yet having had a child or having become pregnant, with lower education and with agreeing with norms that justify wife beating.

CONCLUSION: For married young women, sex is not always consensual or wanted. Further research is required to determine the effects of unwanted sex on sexual and reproductive health outcomes and to help programs develop the best strategies for dealing with coerced sex within marriage. 041b061a72


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