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Junglee Janwar Hindi Dubbed Mp4

Junglee Janwar hindi dubbed mp4

Junglee Janwar is a Hindi term that means "wild animals". It is also the name of a genre of movies that feature animals as the main characters or antagonists. These movies are often dubbed in Hindi from other languages, such as English, Tamil, Telugu, etc. Some of the popular movies in this genre are:

  • Junglee: This is a 2019 Hindi movie starring Vidyut Jammwal as Raj, a veterinarian who returns to his hometown and befriends an elephant named Bhola. He soon discovers a poaching racket that threatens the lives of Bhola and other elephants. He decides to fight against the poachers and protect the animals. The movie is directed by Chuck Russell, who also directed The Mask and The Scorpion King.

  • Junglee Janwar: This is a 1996 English movie that was dubbed in Hindi. It is also known as Demonwarp. It stars George Kennedy as Bill Crafton, a man whose daughter was kidnapped by Bigfoot. He teams up with a group of teenagers to rescue her from a cult that worships Bigfoot and performs human sacrifices. The movie is a horror-comedy that features aliens, zombies, and a giant monster.

  • Junglee Khiladi 2: This is a 2018 Tamil movie that was dubbed in Hindi. It is also known as Kadamban. It stars Arya as Kadamban, a tribal leader who lives in the forest with his people and animals. He faces a threat from a greedy businessman who wants to destroy the forest for mining. He joins forces with other tribes and environmental activists to stop the destruction and save the forest. The movie is an action-adventure that showcases the beauty and diversity of nature.

These movies are available in mp4 format, which is a digital multimedia container format that can store video, audio, subtitles, and images. Mp4 files can be played on various devices, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. They can also be streamed online or downloaded from various websites.


If you are interested in watching these movies, you can find them on Disney+ Hotstar, YouTube , or other platforms that offer Hindi dubbed movies.


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