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Mohonar Dike: A Guide to Watch the Legendary Film Online

How to Download Mohonar Dike: The Classic Bengali Movie

If you are a fan of Bengali cinema, you might have heard of Mohonar Dike, a 1984 film directed by Biresh Chatterjee and starring Aparna Sen, Dipankar Dey, Sumitra Mukherjee and others. The film is based on a novel by Prafulla Roy and adapted by Manoj Mitra. It tells the story of a young woman who falls in love with a married man and faces the consequences of her choices.

mohonar dike bengali movie download

Mohonar Dike is considered to be one of the best films of Aparna Sen, who won the National Film Award for Best Actress for her performance. The film also features some melodious songs by Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhosle, composed by Sapan Chakraborty. The film was critically acclaimed and commercially successful, and is regarded as a classic of Bengali cinema.

If you want to watch this iconic movie online, you might be wondering how to download it legally and safely. In this article, we will guide you through some of the best sites to download Mohonar Dike and enjoy it on your device.

The Best Sites to Download Mohonar Dike

There are many websites that offer Bengali movies for download, but not all of them are reliable or legal. Some of them might contain malware, viruses, or pirated content that can harm your device or violate the copyright laws. Therefore, you should always use trusted and verified sites that have a good reputation and offer high-quality downloads.

Here are some of the best sites to download Mohonar Dike:

  • YouTube: YouTube is one of the most popular and convenient platforms to watch and download videos online. You can find Mohonar Dike on YouTube and watch it for free. However, if you want to download it, you will need a YouTube Premium subscription, which costs $11.99 per month. With YouTube Premium, you can download videos on your device and watch them offline for up to 30 days.

  • IMDb: IMDb is another popular site that offers information and ratings on movies and TV shows. You can also find Mohonar Dike on IMDb and watch it for free with ads. However, if you want to download it, you will need an IMDb TV subscription, which is free with an Amazon Prime membership. With IMDb TV, you can download movies and TV shows on your device and watch them offline.

  • Hoichoi: Hoichoi is a streaming service that specializes in Bengali content. You can find a large collection of Bengali movies and shows on Hoichoi, including Mohonar Dike. You can watch it for free with ads or subscribe to Hoichoi for $8.99 per month or $49.99 per year. With Hoichoi, you can download up to 10 videos on your device and watch them offline.

How to Download Mohonar Dike Safely and Legally

While downloading Mohonar Dike from the sites mentioned above, you should always follow some precautions to ensure your safety and legality. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Use a VPN: A VPN or a virtual private network is a service that encrypts your internet traffic and hides your IP address. This can help you avoid geo-restrictions, censorship, and surveillance from your ISP or government. It can also protect you from hackers, malware, and phishing attacks. A VPN can also help you access more content and download faster. Some of the best VPNs for downloading movies are ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark.

  • Use an Antivirus: An antivirus or an anti-malware software is a program that scans your device and detects and removes any malicious files or programs. This can help you prevent viruses, worms, trojans, ransomware, spyware, and other threats from infecting your device or stealing your data. An antivirus can also help you optimize your device's performance and speed. Some of the best antivirus software for downloading movies are Bitdefender, Kaspersky, and McAfee.

  • Use a Download Manager: A download manager or a download accelerator is a tool that helps you manage and speed up your downloads. It can help you resume interrupted downloads, schedule downloads, organize downloads, and download multiple files at once. It can also help you save bandwidth and avoid corrupted files. Some of the best download managers for downloading movies are IDM, JDownloader, and Free Download Manager.

The Benefits of Watching Mohonar Dike

Besides being a classic Bengali movie, Mohonar Dike has many benefits for the viewers. Here are some of them:

  • It is a romantic drama: Mohonar Dike is a romantic drama that explores the themes of love, betrayal, sacrifice, and redemption. It shows the complex emotions and relationships of the characters and their struggles with society and themselves. It also has some memorable dialogues and scenes that will touch your heart.

  • It is a musical masterpiece: Mohonar Dike has some of the most beautiful songs in Bengali cinema, sung by Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhosle. The songs are composed by Sapan Chakraborty and written by Swapan Chakraborty and Manoj Mitra. The songs are not only melodious but also meaningful and relevant to the story.

  • It is a cultural treasure: Mohonar Dike is a cultural treasure that reflects the Bengali society and culture of the 1980s. It shows the customs, traditions, values, and beliefs of the Bengali people and their way of life. It also showcases the scenic beauty of Bengal and its landmarks.

How to Watch Mohonar Dike on Different Devices

Once you have downloaded Mohonar Dike from one of the sites mentioned above, you might want to watch it on different devices, such as your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or TV. Here are some ways to do that:

  • On your laptop: You can watch Mohonar Dike on your laptop by using a media player software, such as VLC, Windows Media Player, or QuickTime. You can also transfer the movie file to a USB flash drive or an external hard drive and plug it into your laptop. Alternatively, you can stream the movie from your laptop to your TV using a HDMI cable or a wireless connection.

  • On your smartphone or tablet: You can watch Mohonar Dike on your smartphone or tablet by using a video player app, such as MX Player, VLC, or KMPlayer. You can also transfer the movie file to your device's internal or external storage and play it from there. Alternatively, you can stream the movie from your device to your TV using a Chromecast, a Roku, or an Apple TV.

  • On your TV: You can watch Mohonar Dike on your TV by using a DVD player or a Blu-ray player if you have the movie disc. You can also use a streaming device, such as a Fire TV Stick, a Roku, or an Apple TV if you have the movie file on your cloud storage or on your device. Alternatively, you can use a smart TV that has internet access and supports the sites mentioned above.

How to Enjoy Mohonar Dike with Your Friends and Family

Mohonar Dike is a movie that you can enjoy with your friends and family. Here are some tips to make the most of it:

  • Choose a suitable time and place: You should choose a time and place that is comfortable and convenient for everyone. You should also avoid any distractions or interruptions that might ruin the mood. You can watch the movie at home, at a friend's place, or at a theater if it is available.

  • Prepare some snacks and drinks: You should prepare some snacks and drinks that are tasty and healthy. You can also make some Bengali dishes or desserts that are related to the movie or the culture. You can also order some food online or from a nearby restaurant if you don't want to cook.

  • Share your thoughts and feelings: You should share your thoughts and feelings about the movie with your friends and family. You can discuss the plot, the characters, the songs, the themes, and the messages of the movie. You can also express your emotions and opinions about the movie and listen to others' perspectives.

How to Learn More About Mohonar Dike and Bengali Cinema

If you are interested in learning more about Mohonar Dike and Bengali cinema, you can explore some of the following resources:

  • Books: You can read some books that provide insights and analysis on Mohonar Dike and Bengali cinema. Some of the books are: Mohonar Dike: A Novel by Prafulla Roy, Bengali Cinema: An Other Nation by Sharmistha Gooptu, The Cinema of Aparna Sen: Women and Social Change in India by Sangeeta Datta, and 100 Essential Indian Films by Rohit K. Dasgupta and Sangeeta Datta.

  • Podcasts: You can listen to some podcasts that discuss and review Mohonar Dike and Bengali cinema. Some of the podcasts are: Bongflix: The Bengali Film Podcast, Cinema Bhojpuri: The Bengali Film Podcast, Bengali Cinema Club, and The Bong Connection: A Podcast on Bengali Culture and Cinema.

  • Blogs: You can follow some blogs that write and share articles and news on Mohonar Dike and Bengali cinema. Some of the blogs are: Bengali Movies Online, Bengali Cinema Diary, Bong Sense: A Blog on Bengali Culture and Cinema, and Bengal Shadows: A Blog on Bengali Cinema History.

How to Support Mohonar Dike and Bengali Cinema

If you want to support Mohonar Dike and Bengali cinema, you can do some of the following actions:

  • Rate and review the movie: You can rate and review the movie on various platforms, such as IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, Letterboxd, and Google. This can help the movie gain more visibility and recognition among the audience and critics.

  • Recommend the movie to others: You can recommend the movie to others who might be interested in watching it. You can share the movie link or trailer on your social media, email, or messaging apps. You can also create or join online communities or groups that are dedicated to Mohonar Dike or Bengali cinema.

  • Donate or subscribe to the movie makers or platforms: You can donate or subscribe to the movie makers or platforms that produce or distribute Mohonar Dike or Bengali cinema. This can help them fund their projects and sustain their operations. You can also buy or rent the movie DVD or Blu-ray if available.


Mohonar Dike is a classic Bengali movie that you should not miss. It is a romantic drama that features some of the finest actors, singers, and filmmakers of Bengali cinema. It is also a musical masterpiece and a cultural treasure that showcases the beauty and diversity of Bengal. In this article, we have shown you how to download Mohonar Dike from some of the best sites online. We have also given you some tips on how to watch it on different devices, how to enjoy it with your friends and family, how to learn more about it and Bengali cinema, and how to support it and Bengali cinema. We hope you have found this article helpful and informative. Now go ahead and download Mohonar Dike and enjoy this timeless gem. b99f773239


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