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Csi - Season 5 BEST

Greg begins his journey from a lab rat to a field mouse, as the Las Vegas Crime Lab faces a personnel overhaul ("Ch-Ch-Changes"), during the fifth season of CSI. The team's final days together are plagued with more investigations into the insane and the unusual, including the discovery of an "alien" corpse just outside the boundary of Area 51 ("Viva Las Vegas"), a body washed up in a thunderstorm ("Down the Drain"), the kidnapping of a thirteen-year-old girl ("Harvest"), a death at a fumigation ("Crows Feet"), a swingers party ("Swap Meet"), the return of the Blue Paint Killer ("What's Eating Gilbert Grissom?"), and a kidnapping at a hotel ("Formalities"). It's the appearance of new evidence that appears literally as Grissom is on the witness stand, however, that causes Ecklie to separate Grissom and Willows' team ("Mea Culpa"), with Catherine, Nick, and Warrick delving into cases such as brain death ("No Humans Involved"), a body in a car ("Who Shot Sherlock?"), a severed head containing a snake ("Snakes"), the death of a bear ("Unbearable"), and a murder involving sports betting ("Big Middle"). The risk of losing of one of their own, however, allows Ecklie and Grissom to set aside their differences, both personal and professional, and reunite the team once again ("Grave Danger").

Csi - Season 5

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Throughout season 5, MDPD officers are routinely seen carrying the Beretta 92FS. It is safe to assume that any uniformed officer seen with a pistol is using a Beretta 92FS unless otherwise indicated on this page.In "Curse of the Coffin" (S05E06), Detective Michael Lloyd (Ryan Hurst) is seen with a Beretta 92FS when detaining a suspect.In "Come As You Are" (S5E10), a Beretta 92FS is used by a civilian at a shooting range designed to simulate a middle-eastern combat zone, the civilian drawing it when his M16A4 runs dry as he encounters the last target.In "Backstabbers" (S05E11), a terrorist is seen firing a Beretta 92FS at MDPD officers.In "No Man's Land" (S05E14), Officer Chris Ryder (Mykel Shannon Jenkins) draws a Beretta 92FS after the truck full of weapons he is driving his attacked. In "Man Down" (S05E15), Clavo Cruz (Gonzalo Menendez) draws a Beretta 92FS when he commits suicide by cop, forcing Horatio to shoot him.

Det. Frank Tripp (Rex Linn) carries a SIG-Sauer P226 throughout season 5. In "Death Pool 100" (S05E03), a pair of robbers are seen with P226s.In "Going, Going, Gone" (S05E09), George Kornspan (Jason Blicker) aims a P226 at Calleigh.In "Born to Kill" (S05E24), an MDPD officer is seen with a SIG-Sauer P226 while searching for a killer.

Every single "CSI" Season 5 episode has an IMDb rating of 7.2 or more, and no less than 10 episodes reach the four-star watershed of 8.0. However, there's no question of the most beloved episode of them all ... or, rather, episodes, because the season finale, "Grave Danger," is a two-parter. Both parts have a very cool IMDb ranking of 8.5, which is only fair, considering that a certain little-known director called Quentin Tarantino helmed the episodes.

"Grave Danger" is essentially an incredibly claustrophobic race against time. A dangerous mastermind kidnaps Nick Stokes (George Eads) and buries him alive in a glass coffin. Meanwhile, the rest of the team has to find a way to save him, while being tormented by a live feed of his increasingly terrific ordeal. That's just the setup, mind you. Tarantino both directed and helped with the story, so both parts of "Grave Danger" are filled to the brim with increasingly nasty twists and shocking moments. This double episode is a truly fitting conclusion to a season, and a great, thrilling "CSI" story in its own right.

Shortly after its premiere on October 6th, 2000, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation became one of the most ubiquitous TV shows of the early 21st century. The popular series had 15 seasons on CBS, spawned several spin-off series, and played a major part in fueling our society's only growing fascination with true and fictional crime stories. Suffice to say, the broadcast TV show has had a major legacy in our collective pop culture in the new millennium. But everything needs to wind down at some point, and the series met its end in 2015. Likewise, not everyone from the cast stayed on-board throughout CSI's 15-year stint. The show's ensemble rotated in regular fashion. There were only a select handful who stayed until the finale.

From the very beginning, William Petersen was one of the main characters at the forefront of CSI. In the role of Dr. Gil Grissom, he stayed on the show for nine seasons between 2000 and 2010, but the actor decided to leave the program at the start of the decade. Petersen opted to leave CSI in order to pursue more stage acting opportunities. While the actor enjoyed the experience, he felt fortunate for the chance to pursue other projects. In the time that Petersen exited the show, he has stayed on-board as an executive producer and made a return in a 2011 episode, plus the series finale.

Marg Helgenberger was another series regular from the very beginning in the role of Catherine Willows. Additionally, Helgenberger's departure from CSI mirrors William Petersen's exit. She came on-board in 2000 and she stayed involved for 12 seasons. In 2012, however, she revealed that she was leaving the program to explore other opportunities away from the show. While she did make a brief cameo in season 14, Helgenberger was away until the series finale, where she returned alongside Petersen. During her time, she was one of the highest paid CSI stars.

As Warrick Brown, Gary Dourdan was similarly on CSI from the beginning. And similar to William Petersen, he left the series in season nine. Unlike his co-stars, however, Dourdan didn't return to the show later down the road. That's because his character died during the season nine premiere. As it was reported back in 2008, it came down to contract negotiations. The parties involved reportedly couldn't meet a resolution, and it was announced that Dourdan would leave the show. He has bounced back-and-forth between movies and TV since he left the popular show for good.

In the role of Nick Stokes, George Eads has remained a familiar face on CSI throughout its long-standing run on television. And he stayed on the show for a good while too. Specifically, he was involved until the 15th season, which makes him on the very few actors who stayed on CSI throughout many seasons on television. That's certainly no small feat. He had plans to leave the series in 2014 alongside Elisabeth Shue, likely in an effort to explore different projects. There were also reports that Eads had a nasty dispute with a writer, which likely soured him from the experience of returning to the famous CBS series. In any case, it didn't make a difference since the show wasn't renewed for a follow-up season. Despite his long tenure on the program, George Eads wasn't in the series finale, the feature-length "Immortality," with William Petersen replacing him.

Likewise, Paul Guilfoyle, who played Jim Brass, kept a long stay on CSI. The actor was involved in the first season, and he stayed on-board until Season 14, though the producers reportedly decided not to bring him on for the show's 15th and final season. As THR reported, it was the producers decision to not let him participate in the show's ultimately final season, and there are reports that the actor made an emotional farewell speech on his final day of production. But it wasn't goodbye for good, evidently. Specifically, Paul Guilfoyle returned to reprise his famous role in "Immortality." After CSI came to a close in 2015, Paul Guilfoyle still stayed connected to CBS. The TV actor currently plays a role in CBS' All Access' The Good Fight.

While Eric Szmanda was more recurring than main during his first two seasons on CSI as Greg Sanders, the actor became a regular face throughout the show's weaving tenure. He officially became a main player during the show's third season, and that's what he remained until the show's final days.

Likewise, Robert David Hall was only recurring throughout the first two seasons of the immensely popular CSI, but he was bumped up into the main cast around season three in the role of Al Robbins, and the TV actor remained one of the main players on the program until it came to a close in 2015.

It took a good while for David Berman's David Phillips to get the main cast treatment. He was a recurring character from season one until season nine, but the commitment to the popular show paid off. He became a main player during season 10; that is what he ended up being until CSI's series finale.

Wallace Langham didn't start playing the part of David Hodges until well after Season 3 of CSI was underway. Nevertheless, the actor became a permanent fixture on the show. He was a recurring character until season seven. Starting in Season 8, he was a main player until the show's finale.

As Henry Andrews, Jon Wellner didn't become a CSI fixture until its fifth season was well underway. Nevertheless, after an extended period of being a recurring character, he was bumped up to series regular in Season 13. From there, the actor stayed a regular until his final scene in CSI's series finale.

In the role of Sofia Curtis, Louise Lombard was first introduced to the world of CSI in Season 5. From there, the actress had an inconsistent record on the show. Specifically, she was a recurring character until Season 7, when she became a series regular. But it only lasted for one season. It was shortly thereafter that she served for a season as a recurring character before leaving the series after Season 8, only to make an appearance in Season 11. Nevertheless, Season 11 was the final time viewers saw Louise Lombard on the show. As for the reasons for his stark exits and returns, it might have to do with the star having children. Nevertheless, Lombard mentioned in an interview that she returned after being asked by a producer. 041b061a72


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