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A Grief Like No Other When Suicide Takes Someone You Love(6BE167)Everyday Insights - EMOTIONAL STRATEGIES(Also available as MP3 audio)Losing a loved one to suicide is devastating. Survivors experience emotions and conflicting thoughts that range from shame and fear to anger and guilt. Though these feelings can persist, we have hope in God who understands our distress and is there to comfort and sustain us. Download this PDF Download MP3 Audio File

Talking Openly with Kids Facing Today's Tough Issues (6BE49)Everyday Insights - FAMILY AND RELATIONSHIPS(Available only in PDF)There are scores of books for new parents or parents of toddlers, but none of these will prepare you for communicating with your pre-teen on the issues of peer pressure, sex, drugs, violence and death. Recognizing the signs of trouble in your children as well as understanding your own nonverbal messages are two areas necessary for establishing effective communication patterns. This booklet offers practical advice on how and when to address these subjects with your children.Download this PDF

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The Mystery of You: Clues to Your True Identity (6BE129)Everyday Insights - EMOTIONAL STRATEGIES(Also available as MP3 audio)We all have background filled with an assortment of experiences and people. Throughout our lives it's easy to build our perception of self--good or bad--on these variables. We do this at our peril; however, for we are flawed by sin from the beginning, unable on our own to fully discern our true identities. But there is One who knows us best, understand us fully, and loves us anyway. Whether our self-image is inflated by pride or beaten down by self-accusation, our identity--our fullest identity--is found in Jesus.Download this PDF Download MP3 Audio File

In the past I had a picture in my mind of what the final judgment would be like, and it went something like this: Jesus standing there with a clipboard and Brad standing on the other side of the room nervously looking at Jesus.

Digital Downloads are recorded videos and audios that are stand-alone offerings and you can download and watch at your own pace. A select number of these recordings may require having attended a live oral transmission (lung) and have received instructions in order to engage in the practices taught.


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