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Hyderabad Blues 2 2 Hindi Movie Free Download Torrent

Hyderabad Blues 2: A Sequel to the Cult Classic

Hyderabad Blues 2 is a 2004 Indian drama film written, directed by and starring Nagesh Kukunoor. The film is a direct sequel to Kukunoor's earlier work Hyderabad Blues produced by Kukunoor, Devika Bahudhanam, and Elahe Hiptoola.

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The story of the sequel takes place 6 years after the action of the first film. After his marriage with Ashwini, Varun decides to stay in India. He starts a Call Centre while Ashwini is contemplating starting her own clinic. Looking at Seema and Sanjeev's family, and after 6 years of marriage, Ashwini wants to have children, but Varun always avoids the topic saying that the two of them are good for each other, and he doesn't want anyone else in their lovely relationship. As Ashwini becomes increasingly desperate to have children, one of Varun's employees, the young and beautiful Menaka, tries to seduce Varun. Without crossing his limits, Varun stops Menaka. However Ashwini doesn't believe Varun and divorces him, but then realizes her mistake. She apologizes and the couple reunites.

The film also stars Jyoti Dogra as Ashwini, Tisca Chopra as Menaka, Prakash Iyengar as Dr. Nath, Elahe Hiptoola as Seema, Vikram Inamdar as Sanjeev, Anuj Gurwara as Azam, Anoop Ratnaker Rao as Harish Chandani and Anu Chengappa as Shashi Naidu.

The film received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. Some praised the film for its realistic portrayal of urban life in India, while others criticized it for being too melodramatic and clichéd. The film also failed to match the success of its predecessor at the box office.

The film's music was composed by SalimSulaiman and featured songs by Fuzön, Trickbaby, Sonic Gurus, Caliche and Biddu.

If you are interested in watching this film, you can find it on various online platforms such as [Amazon Prime Video], [Netflix] or [YouTube]. However, please note that you may need to pay a subscription fee or rent the film depending on your location and service provider.


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