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How To Create Magical Music With Embertone Jubal Flute ((LINK))

How to Create Magical Music with Embertone Jubal Flute

Do you love the sound of flutes, but want something more unique and enchanting than the typical orchestral or ethnic flutes? Do you want to create music that sounds like it came from a fairy tale or a fantasy movie? If so, you might want to try Embertone Jubal Flute, a virtual instrument that features a one-of-a-kind flute made from hemlock by a mysterious craftsman.

How to Create Magical Music with Embertone Jubal Flute

Embertone is a company that specializes in creating realistic and expressive virtual instruments for composers and musicians. They have partnered with Blue Mangoo, a veteran iOS music app developer, to bring their Jubal Flute to both iOS and Kontakt platforms. The Jubal Flute is based on a real flute that they found in a local music shop, made by a man named Jubal who never returned to claim it. The flute is light as a feather, and has an earthy and emotional sound that evokes images of folk dances, mountain landscapes, and fantasy adventures.

In this article, we will show you how to use Embertone Jubal Flute to create magical music for your projects. We will cover the following topics:

  • How to install and set up Embertone Jubal Flute on your device or computer.

  • How to use the simple and elegant interface of Embertone Jubal Flute.

  • How to play the Jubal Flute with different modes and settings.

  • How to control the Jubal Flute with your MIDI keyboard or breath controller.

  • How to use the Jubal Flute with your favorite music apps or DAWs.

  • How to get inspired by listening to some demos of the Jubal Flute.

By the end of this article, you will be able to create magical music with Embertone Jubal Flute, and impress your listeners with its unique and enchanting sound.

How to Install and Set Up Embertone Jubal Flute

The first step to use Embertone Jubal Flute is to install it on your device or computer. Depending on which platform you are using, there are different ways to do this.

If you are using iOS, you can get Embertone Jubal Flute from the App Store for $9.99. You will need iOS 9.0 or later, and at least 200 MB of free space on your device. Once you download the app, you can open it and start playing right away.

If you are using Kontakt, you can get Embertone Jubal Flute from for $15. You will need Kontakt 4.2.4 or higher (not Kontakt Player), and at least 300 MB of free space on your computer. Once you purchase the instrument, you will receive an email with a download link and instructions on how to install it. You will need to unzip the downloaded file and copy the folder to your Kontakt library folder. Then you can open Kontakt and load the instrument from the browser.

How to Use the Simple and Elegant Interface of Embertone Jubal Flute

The next step to use Embertone Jubal Flute is to familiarize yourself with its simple and elegant interface. The interface has only a few buttons and sliders that let you adjust the sound and performance of the instrument.

The first button on the top left lets you choose between two modes: true legato or polysus. True legato mode allows you to play monophonic melodies with natural-sounding transitions between notes. Polysus mode allows you to play chords or multiple notes at once. You can switch between these modes at any time during your performance.

The second button on the top left enables round robins for subtle variations between repeated notes. This makes the flute sound more realistic and less robotic. You can turn this feature on or off as you wish.

The two sliders on the top right let you adjust the reverb size and amount. Reverb is an effect that simulates the sound of a room or a space. You can use it to create different atmospheres for your music, such as a forest, 04f6b60f66


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